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The Personality PLUS Workshop

with Laurette Willis


 “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.”  Romans 12:18


Have you noticed that other people don’t think or act like you do? 

Ever wonder why people aren’t more like you (especially those in your own family)? 


Trained by Marita and Florence Littauer (well-known Christian authors, speakers and developers of the Personality PLUS training), using their time-tested system for identifying personality types, Laurette will show you how to use your God-given personality to be more effective at home, on the job, in ministry – AND how to communicate more effectively with those different from you.



“Nothing has helped me more to understand and work with the variety of individuals on church boards and staff, or in visitation and counseling.  Should be required study for every church leader!” 

- Pastor Bill Sy, Mission Viejo, CA



The beauty of The Personalities is in its simplicity, and unlike other systems, it also addresses the emotional needs of each of the four Personalities and how to meet them.


Understand yourself better – work from your strengths and strengthen areas of weakness!


Bring new life to your marriage!


Enjoy your relationship with your children/parents more!


Find fulfillment on the job – even with those “difficult people!”


Be more effective as a leader at work, in the home, in ministry!


This revealing and entertaining workshop will introduce you to the four basic Personality Types: Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic.  Understanding yourself better will also help you to better understand your spouse, children, co-workers, employer…  People have told us that learning The Personalities has helped save marriages, restore relationships, bring advancements on the job, better teamwork, develop more compassionate leadership in ministry, and more.



Enrich your friendships with an understanding of The Personalities

“How freeing this material is!  The Personalities helped me understand, appreciate and accept the nuances of my own Personality, as well as that of my husband, children, family and friends.  It is delivered in a way that is fun and engaging and then goes the extra step – how to use the information to improve all relationships in our lives.  Thank you!” 

- Terry Doyle, CPT, Executive Editor, Family Values Magazine, Springfield PA



As a Certified Personality Trainer, Laurette brings understanding and humor to this exciting and practical teaching.  It may be presented during a weekend retreat, or as an entertaining Keynote speech; at a banquet, Wednesday/Sunday evening church service or as part of a Corporate Training.



Suitable for church and women’s ministries (used by Joyce Meyer Ministries and numerous churches and Christian Schools) or business (used by Pitney Bowes and other corporations as an assessment tool for employee placement). 


“I have been working in the field of psychotherapy for over 15 years.  Without exception, the most powerful tool I have is the understanding of The Personalities.  With this information, I have a global understanding of individuals within a few minutes of face-to-face contact.  It amazes people that I can know so much about them in such a short time.   Utilizing this knowledge, I have trained many operating room surgeons and nurses.  Providing this training ultimately saved the hospital thousands of dollars through retention.  On average, hospitals spend $25,000 training an operating room nurse.  Helping both surgeon and nurses understand each other’s Personalities provides a rich and healthy working environment, thus increasing productivity and effectiveness.  The Littauers’ work is priceless!”  - Craig Georgianna, MA MFCC/LMFT, Placentia, CA


For Staff, Businesses and Church Leadership Teams:


During the Personality PLUS Workshop, attendees gain valuable insights about their own Personality type and that of those with whom they work.  This enables them to improve the way they interact with and approach co-workers, leaders, customers, clients or members of the congregation.



Bring Out the PLUS in Everyone's Personality!



Understand your own strengths & weaknesses.  

Through a combination of personal examples, explanation of principles and an easy to complete Personality Profile, you will have a better knowledge of your specific abilities and areas for improvement.    You will be better equipped to make choices and plan for your future.



Improve relationships in the workplace.

Do the people you work with see things differently from your perspective?  As you identify their particular Personality type, adjust your expectations accordingly and begin to relate to them in a way they respond to, you can see almost overnight improvement!



Revitalize your marriage!

Did you marry someone who is completely opposite from the way you are?  Most of us did.  In fact, that seems to be God’s way of doing things!  Couples are meant to complete each other (not compete or try to “fix” each other).  As we begin to see how the strengths in their personality makes up for the weaknesses in our own (and vice-versa), we find that together we make one solid and satisfying union!


Develop friendships that are more rewarding.

Sometimes we meet someone with whom we feel an instant kinship – they have our same Personality and think just like us.  Other friendships change over time, adding balance and perspective to our lives.  As we learn to see each person as an individual, we can surround ourselves with a full complement of Personalities and enhance our lives.



An analogy to consider: Every day the roads are filled with different people, heading different directions with different goals in mind.  Yet all of us drive smoothly along with few mishaps because we all understand some common laws: we stop at stop signs and red lights, we go on green, we try to follow the speed limit.  However, in our relationships, we seem to run over a few more speed bumps!  We wish we could straighten out all those other people (those very same people who want to straighten us out!).


The increased understanding you will receive in the Personality PLUS workshop is to your communication and relationship skills what traffic laws and road maps are to driving.  They are the guidelines which show us how to function individually and together as we travel the road of life and attempt to live together harmoniously and in an orderly manner.


Whether you are looking to improve personal or professional relationships, the Personality PLUS Workshop will help you bring out the plus in your own personality and help solve the puzzle of personalities at work, at home and at play!


Bring Laurette Willis and the Personality PLUS Workshop

To your Church, School or Business!


Choose From:


«  A quick and entertaining overview of the basic personality types, appropriate for women's meetings and service organization luncheons.


« A half‑day seminar equipping co‑workers to understand each other's personality, improve productivity and increase job satisfaction.


« A full‑day workshop allowing members to comprehend their God‑given strengths and weaknesses and live and work in harmony with others based on Romans 12:18.


« A multi‑session, multi‑week training for churches, schools or businesses involving the group in Personality identification, problem solving and effective communication techniques.


These are just some of the ways CLASS-Certified Personality Trainer Laurette Willis and the Personality PLUS training can be used.  Or, choose the features which meet your group's specific needs. 


Call or write Laurette to create a custom program that will be just right for you. Whatever format you choose, don't miss bringing out the "plus" in everyone's Personality!


Laurette Willis







Quotes from people who discovered Personality PLUS brought out the 'Plus' in their Personality:



My marriage has improved dramatically because I think we are now meeting each other's needs in ways we never knew before.  Personality PLUS has helped me to understand and be supportive of my sons as they choose different paths than I would have chosen for them.  Also, I believe as a side benefit it has given them a new respect for me. 

Sue Roberts, Orlando, FL



Personality PLUS explains so many unanswered questions.  I've learned that just because I didn't receive what I needed as a child is no excuse to let myself off the hook in stopping that cycle with my own child.  The cycle must be broken for the pain to stop.  We cannot be what everyone else wants us to be and be happy with ourselves.                                                                            

Brenda Prothro, Cypress, TX



To understand and accept others, you must first be able to do the same for yourself.  I have gained immense tolerance and a deeper appreciation of myself.  Before I compared myself with others, wanting to be something I wasn't.  The Personalities have allowed me to love myself as I am, thus helped me elevate my love and acceptance of others.

Charles Flowers, San Diego, CA



I discovered Personality PLUS shortly after my divorce.  It gave me insight into the words my best friend said, "Gina I have watched you fade into someone I don't even know in less than eight months."  I not only felt dead inside, but carried all the guilt for the failure of that marriage!  Reading that book gave me great relief and the freedom to love and accept my true self.  I began to study everything I could get my hands on, and share it with anyone who would listen.                                       

Gina Garrett, Kirkland, WA



The Personalities turned a good marriage into a terrific marriage as my husband and I began to learn about ourselves and each other.  We were able to get a peek at what God had created in one another as well as ourselves.  I began to understand my strengths and how I have carried some to extremes and they have become weaknesses.  My friends became more important to me as I looked at their strengths instead of their weaknesses, in fact I began to acquire "real" friends.  (I'm Powerful Choleric)  As a mother, my only regret was not knowing this concept sooner.  It truly was a life changing experience for our entire family.

Beverly Isbell, Oswego, NY



The greatest help came when I understood my own Popular Sanguine personality.  I discovered why I was depressed.  I had been overpowered in every area by my Powerful Choleric husband.  Now that I understand his personality, I no longer take everything personally.  I can still be a person.

Eileen Fabian, Escondido, CA



Personality PLUS has given me greater understanding and acceptance of myself, my family, my co‑workers, my students.  I feel so much less of a need to fix people because I have an idea where they're coming from.                                                                              

Kimberly Kinnick, Long Beach, CA




DoveTale Productions
Founder - Fitness for His Witness™


Speaker, Actor and Author
CLASS-Certified Personality Trainer
P.O. Box 1449 - Tahlequah, OK 74465


"For with God nothing will be impossible." Luke 1:37


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Keynotes/Seminars/Shows – Women’s Ministry

PowerMoves Kids Program for public schools

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